Mendo Mulcher 2.25" 2-Piece Grinder

Mendo Mulcher

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Mendo Mulcher 2.25" 2-Piece Grinder

The 2.25" Mendo Mulcher is loaded with razor sharp teeth for perfect shredding.

Mendo Mulcher grinders are perfectly CNC crafted from durable aluminum and feature more teeth per inch than almost any other grinder. This compact Mendo Mulcher is only 2.25" in diameter and can still tear through your most dense material. The 2.25" Mendo Mulcher's knurled edges ensure a firm grip for clean, even spins without any slippage.

Key Features

  • 2.25" Diameter
  • Aluminum Build
  • CNC Machined
  • Sharp Teeth
  • Knurled Edge Grip