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Kannastor - GR8TR V2 Series Jar Grinder


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The GR8TR V2 Series Jar Grinder, Screen Chamber and Stainless Easy Change Screen by Kannastor

The GR8TR V2 Series Jar Grinder is a modular grinding solution with a built-in storage jar!

Kannastor's GR8TR V2 Jar Grinder has two easy change GR8TR plates offering fine and medium grinds to suit your needs, and an easy change screen to sift pollen into the bottom chamber. For those not interested in keeping pollen separated--simply remove the screen and sifting section to create a more streamlined grinder. The GR8TR V2 has integrated storage for both grinding plates as well as your material of choice the GR8TR Storage Lid. Big or small, the GR8TR V2 is customizable to your grinding needs.

Key Features:
  • Modular Design for Customization
  • Fine and Medium GR8TR Grinder Plates
  • Spare Grinder Plate Storage
  • Stainless Easy Change Screen
  • GR8TR Storage Lid
  • Anti Friction and Residue Rings
  • 3.75" height
  • 2.125" Diameter
  • .625" Diameter
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty