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Hitman Glass Carta Attachment


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Hitman Glass Carta Attachment

Treat yourself to smoother clouds and enhanced flavor with this attachment for your Focus V Carta v2 vaporizer.

More IS better and the Hitman Glass Carta Attachment is here to prove it. We all love the Carta's satiny and super tasty clouds but this glass attachment by Hitman takes that experience to the next level. The built-in percolator produces silkier and more flavorful clouds that are out of this world and it does it all without sacrificing any of the strength behind the Carta's powerful punch. With an enhanced vapor experience and the ease of portability, we're sure you'll love this attachment just as much as we do.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Flavor
  • Smoother Clouds
  • Comfortable Mouthpiece Options
  • Built-In Percolator
  • Compatible with The Focus V Carta V2