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Herborizer DigiTi E-Nail Kits


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The Herborizer DigiTi E-Nail Kits

The Herborizer Vaporizers are beautifully crafted, water pipe oriented, high speed, pure convection, desktop vaporizers that pride themselves on near-instant extraction and efficiency. The System DigiTi uses a swirling heat system that is controlled by an external digital box and includes a temperature sensor that shows precise temperatures for the diffuser. A microprocessor in the controller provides a precise temperature that maintains even as you inhale. This E-Nail option provides temperatures from 338 degrees Fahrenheit to 932 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used with dry or liquid materials. Each Herborizer vaporizer is specifically designed with your preferences in mind and aim to have your material, reach it's full potential within seconds. A little goes a long way with The Herborizer and the clouds and draw are as smooth, tasty and gentle as possible. Buckle up and treat yourself to a top notch experience.

Key Features

  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Variety of Styles to choose from
  • Pure Convection Heating
  • Short Pre-Heat Time (Under 5 minutes)
  • Complete Extraction of Material in 1-2 draws
  • Temperature Stabilizer for Efficiency
  • High Quality Materials and Build
  • No Coils Needed with E-Nail

How to Use

Once your body and chamber have both been put together, simply place a small but of material (just enough to cover the screen) inside of the chamber and preheat the heating element separately. We recommend doing so on a safe, stable surface, making sure it makes no contact with any items while doing so. Once it has reached the correct temperature, simply place it on top of your material and take a long slow draw or two for a full, satisfying extraction.

For concentrates, simply preheat your e-nail and when it's ready, use the included tool to place a very small amount of material directly on the heating element inside of the glass compartment and take a long slow draw or two.


  • 5 Screens
  • Titanium Injector
  • 4 O Rings
  • Optional Glass Body: Found Here
  • Digital Enail Controller
  • Enail Shroud
  • Titanium Dab Tool
  • Carrying Case
  • Power Supply
  • Power Cord
  • User Manual