Mistvape DynaVap ClearTip Beaded Stems


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Mistvape DynaVap ClearTip Beaded Stems

Looking for a COOL new Stem for your DynaVap?

These stems are not only cool looking; with three fashionable colors to choose from, but they're cool-ing as well! The beads are sealed into the stem and help to provide a smoother, cooler vapor. Just connect the stem to your own DynaVap Tip and enjoy.

Proudly made in the USA by Dave at Mistvape.

Key Features

  • Fun Color Options
  • Glass Beads Sealed in the Stem for Cooler Vapor
  • Compatible with your DynaVap Tip
  • Glass Measures 50mm Long
  • Total Length with Tip and Mouthpiece Connected is 102mm
  • Not Compatible with DynaStash

DynaVap Tip Not Included