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Cali Crusher - Homegrown Pocket 4-Piece

Cali Crusher

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Cali Crusher - Homegrown 4-Piece

Pocket Size Cali Crusher Grinders are USA made and designed with indestructible radial teeth to provide the perfect grinder consistency every time.

The Cali Crusher Homegrown 4-piece grinder is made of medical grade aerospace 6061-T6 aluminum with indestructible teeth to hold up to years and years of shredding. The CC's aluminum teeth are radial cut which shreds one way and fluffs the other for the most consistent grind. Cali Crushers feature a unique quarter turn lock and release mechanism to eliminate the possibility of cross threading. The fine mesh screen is easily removable with a hex screwdriver and the extra large pollen chamber below is rounded for easy access. The Crusher's grooved edges provide a slip-free grip and the internal magnet is among the strongest on the market. Every Cali Crusher grinder is proudly USA-made in San Diego, California. The pocket sized Cali Crusher is 1.85" wide by 2.2" tall.

4-Piece Benefits

The top section of the Cali Crusher is filled with radial cut teeth that shred and fluff your herbs. When the material is shredded to the proper size it falls through the holes into the second chamber. As the herbs fall into the second chamber the finest pollen falls through the Stainless Steel mesh screen. The bottom chamber collects pollen for use at a later time.