No Hassle Returns

No Hassle Returns!

More than a Warranty

If for any reason you're not completely happy with your purchase we’ve got your back! We have a 15 day satisfaction guarantee on all vapes plus we cover shipping cost for all returns within the USA. All our vaporizers are 100% authentic and covered under the full manufacturer warranty. If something seems wrong with your vape please send an email to If troubleshooting tips and advice from our team don’t help we’ll look into warranty options to get your problem solved as quickly as possible.

15 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve got the longest satisfaction guarantee in the industry. If you’re not completely happy with your vaporizer during the first 15 days you can package it up with all the original accessories and we will buy it back no questions asked. As long as everything is included no fee will be charged on your first return. Returns after the first and returns missing accessories may be charged a 15% restocking fee. Unopened and unused items can be returned for 30 days as long as all seals are still intact.

Lightning Fast Return Processing

Most vapes can be returned to us instead of the manufacturer to save you time and money. Nearly all warranty returns are processed the same day they arrive to get you vaping again as quickly as possible.

Opening a Return

1. Email us a description of the problem along with your order number or the name on your order.
2. We’ll get back to you with any troubleshooting advice we have to solve the problem.
3. If troubleshooting doesn’t help we’ll open your RMA and email you a prepaid USPS return label.

International Customers

If troubleshooting doesn't solve your problem we will give you our shipping address to send in your return. Sadly we can’t create prepaid shipping labels for customers outside of the USA. For International warranty replacements we try to throw in some extras to help make up for your return shipping cost.

Manufacturers that require direct warranty service

7th Floor (Da Buddha, LSV)
DaVinci (IQ, MIQRO)
Storz & Bickel (Crafty, Mighty, Plenty, Volcano)