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VapCap OmniVong Hydra XL


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VapCap OmniVong Hydra XL by DynaVap

The VapCap OmniVong Hydra XL has fully adjustable airflow, a slip resistant body, a new airport for more control, and it's built from durable titanium with a 14mm wood exterior to pair with your water pipes.

The VapCap OmniVong Hydra XL is crafted from rugged and beautiful natural American wood with a true titanium tip with improved airflow, and an inner condenser. The OmniVong Hydra XL's airflow is fully adjustable by twisting the mouthpiece and placing your finger over the new airport. The body features a slip-resistant geometry and is tapered to 14mm for water pipe compatibility. The OmniVong Hydra XL is powered entirely by external heat which means no batteries, no charging and no waiting. It can be heated to the ideal vaporization temperature with a wide variety of options including torch lighters, standard lighters, candles or even a burning stick from a campfire; anything that can apply adequate heat is a possible power source. Torch lighters can heat the OmniVong Hydra XL as quickly as 3-5 seconds while standard lighters and candle flames only take about 5-10 seconds. It also features DynaVap's innovative non-electronic temperature indicator, a first in the vaporizer industry. When the OmniVong Hydra XL's cap is heated to the correct temperature it will emit an audible click; a second click roughly 30 seconds later indicates that the cap has dropped from the vaporization range and is ready for more heat.

Key Features

  • Tough Wood Body
  • Titanium Mouthpiece
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 14mm Compatible
  • Ultra compact design
  • Can reach vaping temp in seconds
  • Can be heated by nearly anything hot
  • No batteries, no charging
  • Non-electric temp notification (Click)
  • Top quality build and materials

Simple to Operate

The VapCap OmniVong Hydra XL sections are friction fit, they can be assembled and disassembled by gently twisting and lifting. Usage technique with the OmniVong is simple but important for optimal results:

Twist off the cap, fill the loading chamber with material (coarse to finely ground) and put the cap back on.

Slowly rotate the OmniVong Hydra XL while applying heat to the cap, a jet torch style lighter works best.

Once you hear the OmniVong Hydra XL's cap click it's at the proper temperature. Begin taking your draws; you should get 1-2 draws at the proper temperature before clicking again indicating it's below temperature.

Make sure you wait until you hear the cooldown click before applying more heat. To avoid combustion DO NOT apply more heat before the cooldown click.

Once you hear the cooldown click you can apply more heat until you hear the unit click again indicating it's back up to temperature; you can now take more draws.

Repeat steps 2-5 until your material stops producing vapor for complete extraction.

Included Items

  • 14mm Light or Dark Wood Body
  • Titanium Omni Condenser
  • Titanium Tip
  • Titanium Mouthpiece
  • VapCap Stainless Steel Cap
  • Airtight Storage Container

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