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KGWoodcrafts Vapcap Stems


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KGWoodcrafts Vapcap Stems

DynaVap Tip and Cap not included

These beautiful handcrafted Vapcap stems are made by KGWoodcrafts with a whole lot of love. Functional and fashionable, these stems provide smooth airflow and fresh flavor. Keep the wooden stems looking brand new by conditioning with Ed's TNT Bomb Ass Butter and avoid using alcohol or other harsh chemicals on the wood.

Handmade in the USA, each stem is unique. The patterns may vary, but are very similar to the ones pictured.

Each stem has a built in stainless steel condenser, and spinning mouthpiece.

The Art Deco stems are an extremely unique stem made with seashells to give the vibrant colors. The Bogwood Red stems are made with ancient bogwood, and hand turned with precision. the PuffItUp Green stems are an exclusive stem to us, and not found anywhere else these ones also include a free case to keep your stem in tip top shape.

Stock is limited on these functional works of art, don't miss out on your chance to own one of history's finest creations in the Dynaverse!