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I had a chance to meet with the creators of the vape-or-smoke vaporizer this week. Before we start selling this new vaporizer, I wanted to test it in the most extreme environments. Of course there is only one way to properly test any vaporizer, take it to Vegas and use it more than any human should.... So here is my honest review of the vape-or-smoke.
I should mention that I offered Mike, the creator of Vape-Or-Smoke, a chance read the review before I posted it. He told me he wants to read it after I post my review, and he asked me to be as judgmental as possible so they can get better feedback. That was surprising to hear, I give them a lot of credit for wanting transparency.
First Impression:
The Vape-Or-Smoke is on the smaller side, only 3.8 oz (filled) and is 3.5” x 2” x .75”. That is bigger than a Magic Flight, but smaller than a Iolite. It is solid black which makes it discreet looking.
I had a real concern about the quality of this vaporizer considering it has a lot of plastic components. Once I got to hold the Vape-Or-Smoke I was surprised by the actual quality of the build. There was nothing on this vaporizer that I felt would break, and each part fit flush with the other parts. The VS team had material data sheets that showed the mouthpiece was made out of FDA approved food grade materials. The rest of the plastic parts are made out of a very dense plastic, dense enough that I held a torch lighter to the outside of the VS and it did not melt. The bowl is built to aerospace tolerance and has no manufacturing remnants left inside, meaning there were no signs of manufacturing chemicals or metal flakes. I took the liberty of shutting a hotel room door on the bowl and all it did was scratch the outside.
In the Vape-Or-Smoke videos, they show the VS being taken completely apart, it is cool to see but is not what is needed for actual use. With your thumb you can slide the bowl out where it can easily be packed and slid back into place, there is also a hole in the back for filling the butane. Those are the main two things you will be doing to your VS day to day, Once the bowl is exposed, you can give it another thumb push and fully disassemble the unit which should be seldom necessary.
Holding the VS in the palm of your hand, you use your thumb to extend the mouthpiece about 45 degrees, then you put your lips on the mouthpiece and lift it to a 90 degree angle ( try using your thumb and mouth at the same time to bring it to 90 degrees )
We used the VS more than we should of for two days straight until the butane ran out. I don't have a exact number of puffs we got off it before the butane went out but it was more than adequate.
You need to start inhaling while you lift the mouthpiece up so the butane torch has enough oxygen to ignite. Once the torch lights up, you get solid vapor almost instantly. You must keep inhaling until you're done. A nice safety feature is the VS only will light up if it is being used.
It was windy and cold in Vegas this week, we all took a walk outside and used the VS in the wind with no problem. The bowl does get hot with frequent use, but no other part gets too hot to hold
I think a better name would of been Vapor-Smoke, not Vape-Or-Smoke. From what I understand the main goal is to give the user two options, vapor with a minimal amount of combustion, or pure vapor. Being a vaporizer snob, I chose to go for the pure vapor. All you have to do is add the thick screen provided which distributes the heat evenly and gives pure vapor.
It took me about two practice bowls to get it right. My first mistake was I inserted the screen wrong, I would love to see a form fitting screen or basket to make the VS a little more user friendly. My second mistake was not inhaling fast enough, usually with portable vapes you have to inhale slowly, this vape is the opposite. After a few practice runs I was getting exactly what I wanted, dense vapor with lots of flavor. Eric who is part of the puff it up crew thought the flavor was too strong. The torch lighter is easy to adjust so we turned it down slightly which brought out a lighter vapor (A nice option)
Butane disperses before it hits the herb, but it's a good idea to use 5x refined butane which is flavorless. We used vector butane which worked perfectly.
It All Comes Apart..
This is a great feature, when you fully open the VS you can completely disassemble it. This might not be ideal for a casual vapor users, but for those of us who put a lot of miles on our vaporizers this makes a lot of sense. Completely pulling the VS apart let's you thoroughly clean the unit, which is a serious problem with other vaporizers. I soaked my VS in formula 420 All Natural for about 5 minutes and it did the trick. The manufacture also recommends rubbing alcohol.
Another great reason for having a vaporizer that completely comes apart is you can replace anything on it, and every part will be available except for the center.
ANOTHER great reason that the VS breaks down into pieces is because custom parts will be available soon. I will go into detail about this later, with some info that isn't supposed to be public knowledge yet..
*ANOTHER* Great reason the VS breaks down into pieces is because the manufacture wants your VS to last forever. So when upgrades are available you will be able to buy upgraded parts instead of a whole new vape. Seriously how cool is that?
The Upgrades..
Ok I am going to apologize now to the Vape-Or-smoke crew for giving secrets away. These concepts really impressed me and I am sure they will impress others as well. Again all these upgrades will work with the current version, as will future adapters.
- Oil Diffuser - It looks like a metal plug with a brillo pad inside of it. You can drop a little oil or wax inside the diffuser, then put it inside the bowl and you have instant concentrate vapor. A lot of companies have tried this, no one has come close to doing it right. VS really nailed this concept. I got to use one with an herb oil and it heated up instantly with great flavor. It held about three drops.
- Ceramic Bowl - This is for the "glass only" purest out there. I'm not one of the glass only people, however VS is working on a replacement bowl that is Ceramic-Tungsten blend which is super strong and has the glass experience
- Custom Cases - VS is working on cases in different colors, and eventually designs. This is strictly for pride of ownership and doesn't change how the VS is used, but is cool.
- Vapor Basket - Earlier I said the screen was a little of a pain to put in, not terrible but it could be improved. Well, they did it and plan on selling it soon
Don't think I'm being nice to the Vape-Or-Smoke team. If you read our official blog (cheap plug), we have no problem saying a vaporizer sucks.The Vape-Or-Smoke vaporizer is very well made and caters to the experienced vaporizer user. I can’t really comment on combustion because I haven’t smoked in years and have little to compare it to. These guys put a lot of thought into every part of this vaporizer and there is very little I would change on this unit that they haven't thought of already. The actual unit is built very solid. With the screen in properly it works great as a vaporizer.


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