The Haze 2.5 Vaporizer Review

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We have been playing with Haze for several weeks now. The Haze has an innovative dual chamber design that is very unique compared to any other vape. The 3" x 3" x 1" vaporizer is small and packed with features.
The Dual chamber design is very unique. There are multiple screens and tanks available so you can vaporize dry herbs convection or conduction style. There is also the oil cans which you can fill with e-juice or concentrates. The vapor quality with dry herbs is top notch, great tasting and great sized clouds. What really impressed us was the oil cans, most vaporizers that claim to vape dry herbs and concentrates do a terrible job of both, the Haze vaporizes concentrates better than any other hybrid vape we have tried. The dual chamber design lets you quickly switch from one chamber to the next, this is a key feature that makes the Haze stand out from other brands; having both herbs and concentrates ready to go at all times is awesome.
Next to the chambers are two circles, they are also on the top of the Haze so you can easily tell which chamber you are using. The top lever automatically turns on your Haze and starts heating the desired chamber. The button on the top right lets you adjust the temperatures settings 1 = 365f (185c) 2 = 380f (194c) 3 = 390f (199c) 4 = 415f (212c) Heating time takes about 50-90 seconds on a fully charged battery.
Included in the Haze Package is two stems: one Glass and one Stainless Steel. We prefer the glass, however if you are traveling it is nice to have the Steel stem which is indestructible. The stem slides into the vaporizer which makes it very easy to carry. If your vaporizer is dirty, the stem can be get sticky and hard to slide out, however once the vaporizer is fully heated, it comes out easily. The top lever covers the stem keeping it safe in your pocket. For a portable, the air flow is great. There is very little resistance
The batteries are easily replaceable. Each battery has about 80-100 minutes of use per charge. The basic combo comes with two batteries, which is a lot of juice. The high capacity batteries take about 3-4 hours to charge. The Haze Wall Charger can charge one or two batteries at a time. There is also a built in USB power bank in the charger, so you can recharge your Phone or other usb devices whenever needed.
The Oil cans are designed to be used with e-juice, oils and concentrates. Some Haze owners take out the pad and pre fill the tanks with herbs for quick loading. The Convection Screen is a stainless steel basket that keeps the herbs from touching the walls of the chamber. Convection is known for smaller vapor clouds and better flavor The Conduction Screen allows your herbs to touch the chamber which gets you bigger vapor clouds, however they will cook your herbs faster than convection
The haze comes with a 10 year warranty against any defects. The overall build of the haze is very solid. PuffItUp is an authorized seller so you are fully covered by the warranty through us or the manufacturer themselves. If you purchase from us, we are happy to cover all shipping costs :) Conclusion: We are fans, the Haze is a durable portable vaporizer with long battery life and easy to use. The vapor production is fantastic for a vaporizer this small. Portability is always important and the fact that the stem hides inside the vaporizer is awesome. This vape handles concentrates fantastically, better than any other vaporizer we have tried. The multiple functions gives you the ability to vaporize any way you want, yet they managed to keep the overall design simple to use and very easy to clean. We consider the Haze to be one of the Best Vaporizers we have used.


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