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Hey guys n gals, long update for you. TL;DR at the bottom

The ERP transition is taking longer than we expected. It's the first time we've done something like this, and it's not easy. There are quite a few areas that were more difficult than expected, including migrating order history and syncing the new ERP to the warehouse.

What is an ERP

An ERP basically is the backbone of a website. It houses all of the customer service, logistics, and stocking centers of the site.

What this means

Shipping delays are expected to continue a little longer than expected. Initially we gave ourselves a 2-day buffer, and we've passed that buffer. I wanted to keep you in the loop as much as possible. We're REALLY close to figuring everything out, but the ERP refuses to operate without everything synced to it completely. We anticipate starting to sync orders later today.

Do you have an ETA

Our tentative ETA is today, and then we will spend through the 24th catching up on fulfilling the backlog of orders. To be completely honest though, it may get delayed a little longer than this. We are doing our second test of syncing today, and if it is successful then we will be good to go. If not, I will provide an update for you.

Why did you switch ERP

There were a couple issues we were having with the previous ERP, and we couldn't fix them. It was important for us to make purchasing as seamless as possible, and we've spent months custom designing the new ERP. We should experience less of these issues, which will result in us being able to take care of you guys better.

What's the plan stan?

Our plan is to tackle this head on. We've been devoting our focus to it, and as a result have stopped posting on social media in order to spend all of our energy on this task. It's a huge one, much bigger than anticipated, and we're going to get it right.

What's the status of my order?

It still hasn't synced to the warehouse. It's really unfortunate, and trust me -- I know that. It's been rough for us and our CS team. We're doing our best to minimize the remaining downtime. I've experienced delays in the past when I've ordered knives and even a drum kit. It was painful, and I'm super appreciative that you guys have been so patient and kind to us.

What if we have questions?

My DM's and emails are always open. You can reach out and ask anything you'd like, or comment down below. I'll be as transparent as possible. Being that I am not an IT genius, some of the questions might be over my head. I'll do my best to answer those, but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to. /u/puffitup on reddit @puffitup on instagram

What happens next?

We have been accumulating a large amount of feedback over the past couple months. You guys have been awesome. Every single time we get new feedback we have put it on a list of improvements that we plan on doing in 2022.

These include, but aren't limited to:

  • Bringing back Candy
  • Yes, we've tried this once. We messed up the code. Since then, we've identified the issue and we're actually working on fixing that script as soon as the new ERP is launched
  • We have ordered some new candy, and it's sitting at the warehouse now - The script will not go live with the new ERP launch
  • Bringing back stickers
  • We have someone designing some new ones as we speak =D
  • We will have to script these in a way that is similar to the candy, so it may take one or two tries to get it right. We are going to get it right.
  • Bringing back freebies
  • We've been working on making new skus, and we're putting an order together. The order should go through after Chinese new year, and we expect to be offering these in 2022!
  • Restocking some missing vapes and accessories
  • Recently we restocked the Ditanium
  • SZCrossing is getting an order ready for us, including the CORE 2.0
  • We anticipate grabbing the Xmax v3 pro, still testing our samples
  • We're hoping to bring Stickybricks back onto the site in 2022
  • We've made a list of accessories that you guys want and we're building out skus for them
  • Fixing the menu
  • We've had a lot of people mention things are hard to find on the site. We're working on this and will continue to fix it. If anyone has more feedback on how we can improve the functionality of the website, please let me know!
  • Adding more bundles
  • We can tell you guys love the bundles. We're planning on making quite a few more in 2022. If you guys want to see particular items bundled together, let us know =)
  • Listening to you
  • Your opinions are the most important feedback to us. If you get an email asking for feedback, I'd greatly appreciate any honest feedback you'd like to provide. Feel free to get as detailed as you want. We want to make the site the way YOU want to use it
TL;DR we are still experiencing site issues. We are migrating ERP's and it is taking longer than expected. We've run into a couple of problems, including connecting the new backend to the warehouse. It's resulting in the shipping delays being extended. You will receive your order, I don't have an exact timeline for shipping right now though. If you have any questions you can reach out to me., @puffitup on instagram, or /u/puffitup on reddit

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  • If I put in an order for delivery to San Diego Ca today, by what date can I expect delivery?

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