PuffItUp April 20th Extravaganza!

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PuffItUp April 20th Extravaganza!

April 20th is finally here again and we’re celebrating with limited time 4/20 specials, combos, freebies and discounts on our favorite vapes!

boundless cfx 420 sale april 20 reddit puffitup


Boundless CFX or CF – 20% Off with code: BND20

Boundless CFX or CF – 15% Off + Water Pipe Adapter with code: BNDWPA

We’ve gotta start strong, it’s 4/20 tradition! The Boundless CFX and CF are beastly portable vaporizers that heat in less than 30 seconds and provide some of the largest loading capacities of any vape. The Boundless‘ extra large chambers and short heat-up time make them ideal for when you need a lot of vapor quickly. Get your new CFX or CF for 20% off during our 420 sale by using coupon code BND20 – if you’d prefer 15% off and a free Water Pipe Adapter just use coupon code BNDWPA

vivant alternate deal puffitup 420 sale


Vivant Alternate – 25% Off with code: VIV

The Vivant Alternate was released earlier this year and quickly became a vape we use around our shop daily. The Alternate’s convection / conduction hybrid heating produces full, potent vapor and the switchable 18650 battery and updatable firmware are incredibly convenient features we wish more vapes offered. Get a great vape at a great price by using coupon code VIV for 25% off the Alternate while supplies last!

Flowermate Swift Pro 420 sale april 20 reddit puffitup


Flowermate Swift Pro – 35% Off with code: SWIFT

The Swift Pro by Flowermate delivers some of the best tasting vapor we’ve ever experienced! This pocket vape is 100% pure convection, heating the air passing through your material only as you inhale for pure vapor extracted as efficiently as possible. The Swift Pro reaches vaping temperatures in about half a minute so you won’t need to wait long for those delicious convection clouds. Use coupon code SWIFT on the Flowermate Swift Pro color of your choice for a full 35% off until we’re out of stock!

Arizer Air 420 sale april 20 reddit puffitup


Arizer AIR – $169 + GonG Adapter + Grinder with code: AAGG

The Arizer Air is a heavy hitting convection / conduction hybrid vape from one of the most trusted companies in the vapor industry. The Air reaches temperature quickly thanks to its easily switchable high-output 18650 battery and the body is made of brushed aluminum for the durability to hold up to daily pocket carrying. We’ve had the AIR on sale for $169 with coupon code AIR and we’re stepping up our game for 4/20 by throwing in a free GonG water pipe adapter and 4-piece grinder with coupon code AAGG

Boundless CFC 420 sale april 20 reddit puffitup


Boundless CFC – 20% Off with code: CFC

The CFC is the newest hybrid heating pocket vape released by Boundless. It’s among the sleekest and most compact vaporizers available, designed to fit your palm and pocket perfectly. The CFC’s large capacity ceramic chamber heats quickly and an internal convective element provides intense flavor, vapor production and extraction efficiency. The CFC’s low pricing makes it a great choice for your first or hundredth vape and we’re sweetening the deal even more for April 20th by cutting an extra 20% off with code CFC

XMAX X-MAX X MAX V2 Pro 420 sale april 20 reddit puffitup


X-MAX V2 Pro – $59 + Water Pipe Adapter with code: XWPA

X-MAX V2 Pro – $59 + Glass Mouthpiece with code: XG

X-MAX V2 Pro – $59 + Bubbler Attachment with code: XB

The X-MAX V2 Pro is among our most popular vaporizers and for good reason: it heats quickly, extracts thoroughly with great vapor output and even has a removable 18650 battery. The low price and high level of performance makes the XMAX one of the best values in dry herb vaping. Grab your new XMAX along with the attachment of your choice for only $59 during our 4/20 sales event! Use coupon code XWPA for a GonG water pipe adapter, XG for a glass mouthpiece or XB for an XMAX bubbler attachment!

Flowermate 420 sale april 20 reddit puffitup


FM V5.0S – $75 with code: FM5S

FM V5.0S Mini – $79 with code: MINI

FM V5 PRO – $99 with code: PRO

FM V5 Mini PRO – $95 with code: MP

FM V5X – $89 with code: MXX 

FM V5X Mini – $89 with code: MMX

Flowermate made a name for themselves in the vapor community by offering cleverly designed and reliable pocket vapes at bargain prices. The V5.0S and V5.0S Mini opened the door for the digital V5 Pro and V5 Mini Pro models and the expanded temperature range options of the V5X and V5X Mini. All FM V5 designs are built to hit hard, heat up quickly and fit perfectly in your pocket. We’ve got our full Flowermate lineup on sale for our April 20th extravaganza – check them out and find your ideal Mate!

Boundless CF 7 CF-710 420 sale april 20 reddit puffitup


Boundless CF-7 – 25% Off with code: CF725

It wouldn’t be a celebration without some concentrate vaping in the mix so we’re dropping a special deal on the Boundless CF-7! Unlike standard oil pens in both style and performance, the CF-7 features two different heating tips capable of reaching oil vaporization temps instantly. The CF-7 is loaded by dipping the heater directly into your concentrate: the ceramic heater absorbs material for a longer hit – the quartz heater leaves nothing between your coil and material for a more dab-like experience. The CF-7 is 25% off through the end of our April 20th sale using coupon CF725

Haze 420 sale april 20 reddit puffitup


HAZE V3 – 25% Off with code HZ25

The HAZE V3 is one of the most versatile and unique vaporizers ever made! The Haze is the first vaporizer with a dual heating chamber setup; each chamber is isolated and designed for compatibility with dry herbs, concentrates, or both at once. The Haze V3 is powered by a high-output, high-capacity protected 18650 battery and two are included in the standard kit to keep you vaping strong. Use coupon code HZ25 during our 420 sale to get Hazed up at 25% off!

DaVinci IQ Da Vinci 420 sale april 20 reddit puffitup


DaVinci IQ – Padded Case + Jyarz Original + Grinder with code: IQ

The DaVinci IQ is among the best looking vapes available and it has the performance to match! The body is slim and sleek, crafted out of durable yet lightweight aluminum. The 51 LED grid display is completely unique to the IQ and really adds to the style of the vape. The heating time is quick, the vapor is crisp and being able to switch out the battery can keep you vaping instead of waiting on the charger. Use coupon code IQ to add a free soft padded case, Jyarz original container and a 4-piece grinder!

Focus Adventurer 420 sale april 20 reddit puffitup


Focus Adventurer – 50% Off with code: FCA50

The Adventurer by FocusVape is one of the few vaporizers with water filtration integrated into the design of the unit. The compact bubbler mouthpiece lowers your vapors temperature and filters out any particulate, improving smoothness for bigger hits. When you’re finished vaping the bubbler mouthpiece stores inside of the Adventurer for ultimate portable convenience. From now through April 20th you can get your new Focus Adventurer at half price using coupon code FCA50 – this deal won’t last long!

Focus vaporizer Focusvape 420 sale april 20 4/20 reddit puffitup


Focus Vaporizer – $35 Off with code: FOCUS

Focus Pro – $45 Off with code: FOPRO

The Adventurer isn’t the only FocusVape we’ve got on sale – check out the original Focus and Focus Pro models! The Focus and Focus Pro are built ruggedly, feature user replaceable 18650 batteries, vibration notification, adjustable airflow and ceramic chambers that heat in 20-30 seconds for pure flavor with no risk of combustion. The original Focus is controlled through a single button while the Pro is controlled through a digital display. Use coupon code FOCUS for $35 off the original Focus or FOPRO for $45 off the Focus Pro until we’re all out!

Boundless CFV 420 sale april 20 reddit puffitup


Boundless CFV – 20% Off + Metal Chamber Ring with code: CFV

The Boundless CFV is a 100% convection portable, producing huge flavor in a tiny form. The CFV heats in roughly 30 seconds and is controlled digitally through a crisp, clear OLED display. The CFV offers a wide temperature range of up to 446°F and produces impressively flavorful vapor even at the highest temp settings. Our 4/20 coupon code CFV is good for 20% off along with a free metal chamber ring. The metal chamber retains heat against your material, adding a bit of conduction and thickening your vapor!

Sidekick 420 sale april 20 4/20 reddit puffitup 7th floor


SideKick by 7th Floor – 25% Off with code: SK

7th Floor is a company known for making heavy hitting vapes like the Da Buddha, Silver Surfer and Life Saber Vaporizer – their SideKick portable follows the family tradition of thick clouds and clean flavor! The SideKick is a convection / conduction hybrid that provides smooth, cool clouds thanks to its ceramic heating chamber and unique vortex cooling airpath. Coupon code SK drops 25% off the price of the SideKick until our 420 sale ends or we run out – get em while we’ve got em!

Jyarz 420 sale april 20 reddit puffitup


Jyarz Original Storage Containers – $10.99 with code: JZ

Get ready to retire your mason jars – JyARZ containers are some of our favorite dry material storage options to date! The glass interior and airtight, shock absorbing exterior make the perfect environment to maintain the freshness of your goodies at home or in your pocket. Store your goodies with style this 4/20; coupon code JZ cuts the price of all colors of Jyarz Original down to $10.99 until they’re gone!

Sticky Brick Junior Hydrobrick 420 sale april 20 reddit puffitup


Sticky Brick, Sticky Brick Junior, HydroBrick and HydroBrick Maxx – 20% Off with code: SBL

Powerful convection vapor in an instant is what the Sticky Brick vapes are all about – that and looking awesome. Every Sticky Brick vaporizer is a functional piece of art, handmade in North Carolina out of natural hardwood. We’ve got the original Sticky Brick, the Sticky Brick Junior, the HydroBrick and the HydroBrick Maxx at 20% off for a very limited time using coupon code SBL – snag your preferred style quickly, we don’t have much stock available!

PuffItUp Puff It Up 420 4/20 sale discount coupon code special


Nearly Everything Else – 15% Off with code: PUFFEDUP

If you have your eye on a vape, accessory, or any other item we carry that isn’t featured in our sale try out coupon code PUFFEDUP for 15% off nearly everything we have available. You can also contact us directly and we will personally work out the best deal for you.

Our 420 sale stock is limited and we expect all of these deals to sell out quickly; we can’t promise any of our specials will still be available through April 20th so make sure to grab your vapes before we run out!

Remember to keep an eye on our Blog, Reddit and Instagram pages for more specials, contests, freebies and 4/20 fun times!


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