Magical Butter. Save Time Making Oils, Tinctures & Concentrates at Home With No Mess

Posted by Alex on

We all love Edibles and Concentrates, but we don't always like the time it takes to make them. Now there is the New v2 Magical Butter Processor which conveniently makes your Budder, oils, tinctures and Concentrates at home with no mess and a lot less time! This isn't your typical Head Shop item, the Magical Butter Processor is built with the same quality standards that you would expect from any home appliance. Simply put, these things are built to last.
The new V2 gives you more Budder making options than the previous version and it also now comes with a self cleaning option that will save you time and money. Check it out, if you re a fan of making your own Edibles / Concentrates at home this is a must have! ** Update ** Retail price for the Magical Butter is $199, we will do our best to keep the price at $156.99 for as long as we can but we cannot promise that price will be around forever, so don't miss out!


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