Green Friday Pre-Game sale - The best vaporizer deals of the year

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Green Friday vaporizer Sale Banner

It's the Green Friday Pre-Game Sale

It isn't black Green Friday yet. But why wait? Here are our best deals of the year. 

We will keep adding new sales as soon as manufacturers allow us. Check this blog several thousand times a day so you don't miss out. 


Mighty Volcano Green friday vaporizer sale

Storz & Bickel  20% off!

 20% off  Mighty's, Crafty's, Plenty's & Volcano's with code SBGREEN

Storz & Bickel are well known for their quality vaporizers. These are some of the easiest to use vaporizers that we carry.


 The terp tech green friday bundle

The Terp Torch Bundle - save 15%

If you are looking for a beastly vaporizer this would be the place to start. The terp torch is extremely powerful. 

Our new combo includes a Trees Grinder, Silicone Matt and the AVB tray

You can now save 15% on this awesome deal with code GREENTERPS


SBL Green Friday Sale

Sticky Brick Labs - 20% off!

20% off all Bricks with code GREENSBL

Sticky Bricks are for a true vapor connoisseur that wants quick rips with a slight learning curve. Featuring convection heating, these on-demand vapes deliver quality vapor with a fat cloud.

green friday sz crossing sai and core vaporizer sale

SZ Crossing  up to 25% off!

The CORE - 25% off with code COREGREEN

The SAI - 20% off with SAIGREEN

SZ Crossing makes some of the best performing concentrates vaporizers we've ever tried. With a focus on product safety, the CORE and Sai offer portability and performance in a sleek package.


quiver water piece sale

Everything Quiver - 20% Off - Code QUIVER

Titanium water pieces that are Guaranteed to last forever. These ultra-light pieces are perfect for travel. 


Arizer vaporizer green friday sale


Solo 2   $269.99 now $174.99

Air 2 $254.99 now $149.99

ArGo $269.99 now $164.99

Extreme Q $199.99 now 169.99

V-Tower 149.99 now 119.99

Air $149.99 now 114.99

Solo $149.99 now 107.99

Arizer vaporizers feature an all glass vapor path for unbeatable flavor matched with fantastic efficiency.


focusv carta green friday vaporizer sale

Focus Carta, only $175

$249 now only $175 with code CARTAGREEN 

 Large customizable rips on the go.


ryot sale

Everything RYOT - 20% Off - Code RYOTGREEN

The best storage cases at the best price. For a limited time all RYOT cases are 20% off with code RYOTGREEN


Boundless vaporizers green friday sales

Boundless Tech

Tera  - $199 now 20% off with code TERAGREEN 

CFX  - $165 now 25% off with code CFXGREEN

CF  - $109 now 25% off with code CFGREEN 

Boundless Tech vapes feature large bowls for large tolerances.

boundless terp pen v2 sale

Terp Pen v2 - 20% off with code TPGREEN

The Terp Pen V2 is a discreet, budget friendly, nectar collector style vaporizer that delivers cool rips on the go.

terp pen xl black friday sale

Terp Pen XL - 20% off with code TPXLGREEN

The Terp Pen XL features XL coils for XL clouds.

All herb grinders green friday sale

Herb Grinders

All Herb Grinders 20% off with code GRINDGREEN

Get your grind on.


Epic vape enano green friday sale

Epic Vape E-Nano 15% Off with ENANOGREEN

Handcrafted in the USA, the E-Nano Vaporizer makes a beautiful and powerful desktop vaporizer.


puffitup glass sale green friday


20% off with code GLASSGREEN

Glass geared toward a true vaporist.


vivant VLeaF GO vaporizer green friday sale

VLeaF GO - 25% off with code VLEAFGREEN

 The VLeaF GO is quick, easy to use and made for micro-dosing.


flowermate vaporizer black friday green friday sale


V 5.0s $79 now $67 with code FMV5GREEN

V 5 Pro $109.99 now $90 with code V5PROGREEN

Mini $89.99 now $69.99 with code FMMINIGREEN

Mini Pro $99.95 now $79.99 with code MINIPROGREEN

NANO $129 now $99 with code FMNANOGREEN

Flowermate's vapes are budget friendly while still providing a smooth vapor experience.


flowermate slick vaporizer green friday sale puffitup

FlowerMate Slick $79 now $59 with code SLICKGREEN

Our favorite budget vaporizer, the Slick, makes the perfect starter vaporizer for you or a friend.


flowermate cap pro green friday sale

The New Cap PRO is 20% off with code GREENCAP


ccell vaporizer green friday sale


20% off with code CCELLGREEN

Industry leading cartridge technology meets ease of use.

  x max v2 pro green friday sale


QOMO - $89 now $69 with code QOMOGREEN

Starry - $89 now $75 with code STARRYGREEN

Fog - $129 now $89 with code FOGGREEN

High quality vaporizers that don't break the bank.


x max v2 pro vaporizer sale

X-Max v2 Pro - Now only $55 with Code V2PROGREEN

Our best-selling introductory vaporizer, the X-Max V2 Pro, is perfect for learning how to vape.


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green friday black friday extended vaporizer warranty

 All purchases made between 11/9/2020 and December 25th will be eligible for return until January 31st.

puffitup green friday vaporizer price match

If you find a better price from an authorized retailer, contact us with information about the deal using any of the options HERE, and we'll do our best to match it.


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