Arizer Solo Stainless Steel, SS Bowl vs Ceramic Bowl New Version

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We have had a lot of questions about the Arizer Solo Stainless Steel bowl over the last few days. I had a chance to talk with the manufacture over the weekend and I hope we can help separate fact from fiction.
The Issue as noted from online message boards is that the Ceramic Bowls are chipping. The solution is Arizer has replaced the Ceramic Bowl with a new Stainless Steel Bowl.
Well, that is not completely true. Here is what we found out.
The ceramic chipping only affected one production run of the Solos where the ceramic sis not adhere properly to a small number of the bowls. The issue is strictly cosmetic and does not affect the product, the ceramic is below the herbs so no chips could be inhaled The coating is Ceramic, it is safe and is the same material used in many food and medical devices. Ceramic is safe to ingest or eat. BOTH the ceramic and Stainless Steel are currently in production
To summarize, the ceramic chipping issue with the Arizer Solo only affected a very small amount of the original production. Both Stainless Steel and Ceramic bowls are available and are current versions.
Our last delivery from Arizer is the most current version with the Ceramic Bowl. Every Solo we sell comes with a 2 year manufacture warranty.


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